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2.9 Based on 37 reviews
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We joined Travel Smart Vacation club during a trip two years ago while staying at the Royalton Riviera. It was a new and beautiful property, and we liked the idea of using points/free week in a master suite to visit some of the new properties slated to open in the coming years. We were told that we could use the master suite free week at any Resort without additional cost, so long as we were not staying during the Premium season. Fast forward... Read more

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MY selling point had been the RCI membership which is not active for up t 90 days. I found that booking my next trip was going to cost more than booking myself, and by a huge annual amount if you include the program cost itself. I tried to cancel repeatedly even mailing their legal by May 14 not just emails and calls. I got nothing but run around RCI had no real options or straight dates available that would work and with 90 days, and is a... Read more

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I really fell this is a scam. I bougth 40000 point per year, paid upfront and when I want to take a vacation I can reserve cheaper with Expedia or any other website than with TravelSmart. I like the hotels and services, but do not join the club. It will be more expensive. An example at this moment I want to reserve a room for 2 adults and 3 kids for April 8 2017 for 7 nigths. In Expedia the price is 2147 for all five in a two bedroom suite. With... Read more

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Dont waste your money its a rip off and there is no one in the Quality Control Department that is willing to help. Read more

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We were promised an all-inclusive stay for 4 if we did the tour. After doing the tour, we were told they couldnt make it all inclusive, but they could give us a bottle of rum or an excursion. Hardly makes up for it. I would not have wasted 3 hours on the tour and high pressure sales pitch. How can they get away with lying to you? Im very upset. Read more

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The sales people were very friendly but did not tell the truth. My husband and I were very careful to do the math to ensure this timeshare was financially prudent. The points system was explained, we asked a lot of questions; at no time was it ever mentioned that these points only contributed to 15-30% of a resort discount. We were told they could help with 15% of flights but were [apparently] completely led astray into believing the points paid... Read more

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hashtag #scamtravelsmartvip, use this on all social media complaints!!! ALERT ANYONE with concerns or complaints write a review on all social media. This will get their attention sooner. This will also let others beware. They are on FB, IG, Twitter & ALL social media. Travel Smart VIP. Copy & paste to save time on your emails/concerns to all social medias at least 6 times per day. Also, let's get a # started with hashtag... Read more

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As the last member..i am too very very disappointed in this club..take take your hard earned money. They may think everyone who yravels has it but not the truth..we told them we coukd not afford more but was pressured onto it..i left to use the washroom..when i came back my husband agreed . While i was gone....we were promised everything. .got nothing when we went to jamacia ..well thought we were asking for the bottle of... Read more

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You can not cancel and get your money back, you never get the same person twice, now one know the person you are asking for or the person does not work here. They will send you a cancellation agreement that basically says you are giving them whatever moneys you have paid to date. They will try to bully you into paying the remainder with calls at different hours, filling up you answering machine, they are BAD. Oh and good luck getting a direct... Read more

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Certainly woukd live to get my $30.000 back from travel smart as we were ripped off bad..first bunch of reps tell you this next bunch something else. Just re eived a letter from them ginally after leaving a 3 page letter with the travel smart rep in the Royalton. .its a beautiful resort..basically they told me the perks we got last time was a one time thing..after i gave them $15000 more thousand....i shoikd have just bought the... Read more

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