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As people arrive to enjoy their vacation they are grabbed by an orange shirt dressed person, that looks like Sunwing, but is in fact Travel Smart representative. No explanations, only you think is a tourist guide presentation with small gift and you go.

Their technique to make you stay and listen in one by one meeting is very good, dont be fooled, run away, ask what they want to sell to you. How the 4,5 stars resort allows this to happend with their blessing, they will loose a lot of clients and Bahamas will get a bad name. We were trapped and taken advantage of, they gave us champaign to drink, friendly talk and took our credit card and did the transaction for seconds before we even realise what is going on. Later after the fact we felt so used and scammed and robbed, the entire vacation was spoiled.

Do not go for any presentations offered, stick to your vacation free time and be smarter than us!!

As for the Bahamas, too bad, I dont think we are ever coming back. I will make sure their government is aware what is being done to the tourists, totally legal scam, while in the resort.

This person wrote the review because of problems with payment at Travelsmart Vip Club. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $2500 and wants Travelsmart Vip Club to issue a full refund.

The most disappointing in user's experience was abuse tourist into signing, trapping people into 30 years deal, taking advantage of nice people and tourist trap in bahamas. If you have a chance, please contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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complete scam, you are ripping people off you are such a fraud Travel Smart VIP I hope you get closed down, I dont understand how Président Collin Hunter from Sunwing let's this situation continue.

Travelsmart Vip Club Response


Thank you for sharing your experience with us. We deeply apologize for not being clear enough about the product and the services.

Please allow us to look into your account and see what we can do for you. Here at TravelSmart VIP we every member deserves to be treated like a VIP. Please provide us with your email address in the comment section so that we can contact you and assist you with your current dilemma.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Best regards,

TravelSmart VIP


This is exactly what happened to me and I paid for the trial package in full. Did you receive any results or refund?

to Anonymous #995571

Here we are 2 weeks later back home in Canada. As is written in the Clause 7 of their 'contract' we are allowed to cancel until day 7 of being fooled and if we do that they will pay back our money 15 business days later.

On the 15 th day I got 75% of the amount back. The $395 USD they also charged us is not refundable as per their contract. So now I gave the case to VISA to get my leftover 25% of the amount back. Visa said they will give me refund in a week and they will deal with Travel Smart.

I sent them the cancelation, which I also sent by email to Travel Smart the same day we cancelled in Bahamas.

So much headache for nothing, I hope people read this and avoid these people, they are trained into scamming you out of your money without you even knowing, thinking how good a deal you will get. At the end it is much cheaper to buy vacation online or through agent that being stuck for 30 years with their resorts and have to pay unknown amount per day for food and drinks since prices worldwide are always increasing.

to Anonymous #1036683

How do you cancel once you are back in Canada? I got scammed into it and I am within my 5 days of cancellation.

This is my 2nd day - it says I need to contact Mexico on my contract? Can I send an email or it has to be a written letter.

This will be costly to send a registered letter to Mexico. Please help.

to Anonymous #1065683


Just wondering if you got the $395 USD non-refundable fee back from VISA? I am in the same situation as you.

I got the refund back from Travel Smart but just not the "closing cost" fee, which for me is actually $749 CAD but at the same resort (Memories Grand Bahama!).

I been talking to VISA but they are not being helpful, saying that I signed the contract agreeing to this and that there is no solid grounds to dispute this. If you could let me know how VISA solved it for you that would be greatly appreciated!!!

to Anonymous Baie-Comeau, Quebec, Canada #1144544


Please can you tell us how you got reimburse from visa cause we are being so scammed over 25K


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