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on February 21st i went with my family to Cancun and we stayed in a resort for a week, at the resort Travel smart offered me a membership for 30 years and after we negotiated some terms, I end up paying them $40,000 CAD.

I went online and I was shocked by their reviews so i called to make a reservation ( as a trail) and i found nothing i was told was true, and it turns out that they area scam.

for example I was told my room will cost me (15,00 points + $2050) on reservation they asked for 48,000 point and $7,000 which is more expensive than Expedia w/o membership

I tried to contact them to cancel the membership using the phone number provided and I found that the number doesn't work from Canada, I sent them an email asking to cancel my membership and they contacted me back saying sorry it was a mistake/misunderstanding and they will fix it and they refused to cancel the membership, saying that I signed the contract and it's a done deal.

What happened with me is exactly what I read on the reviews online,

I called TD visa to dispute charges

I was misled by them and they won't cancel the membership. Iam also surprised that SunEings and Royalton are affiliated with them.

I am planning to make an online campaign to make public aware of what these people do and not to fall in such a stupid mistake like the one I did.

I am also contacting a lawyer in Mexico, she is willing to help us with our complaints.

- If any one wants to join this effort please contact me on this email


Product or Service Mentioned: Travelsmart Vip Club Membership.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I wish I have seen a post like this when I bought their "membership". I bought mine on the 23rd failing for the diamond club experience, also my Dominican agent said he hasn't made a sale in two month and if I sign up he will get $500 and I can cancel afterwards.

I came home to Toronto and did some calculation, realize it's much more expensive to maintain this membership than just go online and book with Sunwing directly unless you stay 3 months down south the saving might just match the fee you paid upfront. plus, it's a lot more time-consuming process. now you have to go through Travel Smart designated line to book which you will end up holding for an hour. I have requested to cancel on the 25th.

only got an email back asking how they can improve and retain me as a member. I should have NOT gone through with it when at the end of the signing I realize that I can only get a small portion of that $2600 dollars that I paid back. I will keep you posted with the outcome. I hope no one else make this mistake i did.

save your time and money.

not worth it at all. They are not an ethical company.

@June Ktg

This matter has been ongoing over a year waiting for calls an email The service from Travelsmart is absolutely terrible! I do not expect to be treated so badly when they are holding on to over $13 000$ of my hard earned money!

This is unacceptable! mis-selling, misrepresentation, breach of contract and theft. We paid for both of our agreements in full. Therefore their retention of our points is illegal, it is theft.

We feel disrespected, hence why we are cutting all ties with Travelsmart. It is not worth the aggravation and stress. I am disgusted at the way we have been treated! EVERYTIME we deal with Travelsmart there is an issue!


All they have done is ignore my emails and thats exactly what theyll do to you if you challenge them. I would not recommend Travelsmart to my worst enemy.

@Kinslie Kxq

Good Afternoon Kinslie, We're very concerned to hear that our service staff have been unable to assist you. Unfortunately, we cannot identify our members via their anonymous usernames however if you could send us additional information, referencing this comment, to socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com we will gladly ensure your situation is revised and resolved as soon as possible for you.


Hi there, we were also scammed by this company. They pile you with booze, lie to you, tell you what you want to hear and then distract you when you are signing the papers.

I'm also in the process of trying to get my money back, so far we've spend almost $6000 and if we want to use the vacation package we'd have to pay $7,000 for a 7 day stay at Royalton Punta Cana. We can't afford this vacation package.

They lied to us and took advantage of us and instead of saying sorry, they try to change the vacation package to something else. So if they can change it even though you signed why can't they just cancel it and give you your money back.


I worked for travel smart .... and left the job when I realised it was a scam ... no surprise that they are now refusing to pay me my commissions for past sales....


BIGGEST SCAM EVER: It is too late for me, but you deserve a full return of your 40,000$.


BIGGEST SCAM EVER. I know how you feel.

But they showed me a paper that said my penalty for discontinuing was almost 10,000$, after I signed in. After all, the VIP was supposed to be VIP and one had a hard time even getting a meal reservations, without some type diamond club, etc., without it. The room I was initially given, was fine for me, but would probably be objectionable to many. Thus I signed into travelsmart with the 3 pina colatas, knowing that it would not be for economic reasons, but for VIP service.

What a joke. Poor service by poor phone contact, poor rooms, poor vacation times accessible for points available, 50 times the stress getting the trip planned and slavery for travel for 15 or 30 years. The real kicker for people paying up front, is that extra fees can be charged at will (resort hurricane, etc, fees as a example). Look under B.

Special Assessments in club rules. This is not VIP; just too much stress, even if one can afford the exorbitant cost. Got out of the slavery by focusing on the almost $10,000 form they showed me. I have my life back; sorry you signed up; they will do almost anything to get you under their bondage.

Also Sunwing, never again. After Cancun Royalton, my passports even, are not renewed; what a kick in the head.


Dear Barbies Friend,We would very much like to clear up the misconceptions you have regarding the membership and the benefits offered. You are also welcome to verify all the member documentation available on our website where you can find the cancelation clause detailed as well as the procedures regarding reservations should a natural phenomenon such as a hurricane prevent you from traveling.If you could send us through your membership details to socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com we will gladly assist you further. We look forward to hearing from you.


Imagine offering a senior citizen a 30 year program for $50,000 American dollars, when the travelsmart VIP is not worth taking even if the Sunwing Travel Group hotels, offered to pay me money to sign up. TravelSmart VIP brings despair, so much so, that I will not renew my Canadian passports and feel disappointed that I ever flew Sunwing airlines.

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