I just came back from St-Lucia Royalton and attended their 90 minute speech to become a member and the closer- Sales Manager was an arrogant slime with no reason to be a human being. When I told him that I had enough of his number crunching with no proof and asked for documents to support he got very defensive and did not want to give me anything but a contract.

Like *** I am going to sign a contract without all facts, he basically sent me and my wife out the door.

Good riddance to no a no class son of a *** Royalton will never get my money anymore to any of their locations. Adios scammers

Product or Service Mentioned: Travelsmart Vip Club Membership.

Location: Saint-Hubert-De-Riviere-Du-Loup, Quebec

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Dear Poster, We have shared your comments with our team in St Lucia in order to ensure situations such as these do not repeat themselves. This kind of behaviour is not in keeping with the high levels of service we continually strive to provide to both our members and resort guests. We apologize for any inconveniences and/or bad impressions that may have unintentionally been caused due to this situation.


You would think Royalton would realize that this company is ruining there name by hiding truths to people. The room is free with pointsa but you have to pay for resort all inclusive fees which are more than booking online through someone else.

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