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This happened to us also. They were giving us drinks during the presentation.

I didn't realize how strong the drinks were until I got up to use the restroom and couldn't walk straight. Both my husband and I were under the influence and quite giddy at the time. Neither of us drink much alcohol normally. In retrospect, I thought there must have been more than alcohol on those drinks because both if us would have been turned off by a strong alcohol taste.

We were so embarrassed by this experience and actually traumatized. We will never feel safe travelling to Mexico again. Our experience was in Cancun. We immediately cancelled our credit card upon returning home, contacted the resort and after being subjected to severe guilt trips and much arguments and being yelled at by the salesperson, we got all of our money back except $900.

We considered this the cost of our education on this topic. Never again will we attend a sales session regardless of the promises made.

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Travelsmart Vip Club Verified Representative

Dear Anonymous,

We're sorry to hear that you took the decision to terminate your membership without having the chance to enjoy the savings and benefits it offers.

We do feel it necessary to contest the allegations made within your complaint regarding the drinks served during the sales process.

Sales people are not allowed to be involved with any Food & Beverage processes as our quality certifications dictate.

Our waiters, like the waiters from the resort public areas, are instructed to serve our guests as they please as following guests desires is our daily objective.

We apologize for any bad impressions that may have unintentionally been caused by your decision to terminate your membership and should there be anything further that we can assist you with at any time please feel free to contact us directly.

to TravelSmartVIP Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic #1340825

Travel smart vacation plan is scam. This plan made me feel your resort is bad.

to Royalton #1340874
Travelsmart Vip Club Verified Representative

Hi Royalton,

Is there something that we can assist you with regarding your membership plan?

Greenville, North Carolina, United States #1306233

I agree

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