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What is going on? I paid off my 2019 contract (#16037 - $6,800.00) and we just upgraded my PREMIUM contract(#10967 - $29,199.00) in July 2019.

Everything was going good aside from all those FRAUDULENT request to buy my un-expiring Bonus/Special weeks that I had earned and not used. My credit card account have been getting charged as authorized but, my credit card account was charged $314.00 in January and not February or March but, charged $260.29 in April. I also noticed that all my 2020 and 2020 points disappeared along with my free weeks.

Did my contract changed without my authorization? If so, I am demanding a full refund of $26,999.00 (price of Contract #10967) minus the following paid charges:

$6800.00 (paid in full funds from 2015 contract used for 2019 contract)

$3284.00 (down pymt for updated 2019 contract

$1041.16 (4 months of $260.29-Sept thru Dec 2019)

$3,483.48 (12 months of $260.29-Jan thru Dec 2020)

$604.29 (Jan charged $314.00 and April $260.29)

TOTAL REFUND REQUESTED $15,212.93 which is what has been paid out...


Product or Service Mentioned: Travelsmart Vip Club Smartpoints Membership.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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Good Morning Ernesto O, First and foremost we appreciate you taking the time to raise your concerns. We are always more than happy to clear up any confusion our members may have.

Regarding your complaint above, unfortunately, we are unrelated to any companies that may offer to purchase your membership plan. As we include in all our communications, we are not affiliated with any third-party companies that claim to offer this service. As of February this year, and following a deep analysis of our members' feedback, updates were made to the membership program. All these added benefits were communicated to our members via email, on our website as well as across our social media channels.

We apologize if you feel this wasn't made clear enough. We can confirm that this is in no way a breach of contract as no benefits were removed, in fact, the membership plan is now of a higher value.

You are welcome to verify this within your Club Rules document. We will gladly have one of our service agents reach out to you directly in order to clear up any doubts you may have regarding these recent upgrades and answer any additional questions you may have.

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