Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional (Santo Domingo)
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I am still in royalton bavaro in punta cana. On 12/2718 we met with edwin, rosa and carlos for a breakfast meeting.

My sister is a diamond member so we wanted to see what is all about. We voiced our concerns and complaints about the resort and we told that it would be a different experience if we were vip diamond members. Carlos asked, "what can i do to change your opinion of punta cana and my country even if you do not buy?" I asked for credits to my account or upgrade to diamond member until the end of our stay. Yesterday, met with edwin manager to ask about my credit.

He brought carlos over. Carlos lied and said his name was alberto. Both carlos and edwin assured me all would be rectified yesterday. Today i checked and my complaints have not been resolved nor has any credit been given to me.

I have other time shares and have never been treated this was. My friend stayed at hard rock in punta cana and made a minor complaint and was given credit to come again for 4 days in november. Jacuzzi doesnt work, falling apart. Fridge chocolate milk spilled not cleaned up.

Hair on jacuzzi wall. Other peoples food in. Bowl.

I washed the bathroom floor the first day. Took 3 days of asking to get a blanket

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