I signed up with Travel Smart VIP in March, 2017 with approximately $5800 down and $280 monthly payment. Tried to book a vacation with them today and there is no discount, the quote given is the same as what I would pay if I'd gone through Expedia or some other travel site.

I asked why someone would pay the amount of money I've paid if there is no benefit to me. The response was it is a long term benefit and in 15 years or so, I will be able to travel more often, more cheaply.

I said that is contradictory to the information I received during the high pressure sales pitch. I asked where the corporate office is and was told--not joking!--"I can't tell you." I immediately canceled by recurring payment and contacted my state's attorney general's office.

Reason of review: The membership is not what was stated during the sales pitch--not close!.

Monetary Loss: $6800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Travelsmart Vip Club Cons: That the company does not.

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We became members in new years eve in Punta Cana in 2015. Paid USD 10K and honestly it was one my biggest mistakes.

I do not use this membership as I should and I am not planning in using this membership any longer, however, they continue chasing me with the yearly fees and if you're late they charge you 5% per month which is absurd, especially with the payments pegged to the dollar. I am willing to pay my last year and cancel my membership, I am not longer interested in dealing with this company.

However, they said that I have to pay to another 4 years and I am willing to do so. I support anyone who is willing to suit this bandids!!!


We heard from a very reliable source that Travel Smart has gone out of business due to Covid. However, continuing to take our monthly payments.

They are in the process of possible negotiations with the Marriott chain.

We were never notified of this because they all still taking calls. Your points are of no value anymore so you are paying almost full price for vacations and they try to give you benefits comparable to Diamond Club Services.

@Wafa Isl

Good Morning Wafa, As we have responded to your previous posts on other channels, TravelSmart has not gone out of business nor has it been purchased by Marriott. You are welcome to verify the news of the Marriott Merger on any reliable news source however as we informed all of our members, this does not affect the membership in any way. If you would like further information regarding the new, lower Member Preferential Rates that we are now offering please feel free to reach out to us directly and we will gladly clear up any confusion you may have regarding this situation.


Hi scamfighter I am also interested in your class action lawsuit


I am also interested although I have done a lot of research and they're not getting away with this.


I've been calling this "company" for 3 days and no one has ever answered the phone. All I get is fun in the sun music.

Meanwhile, I can't get anyone to explain how I redeem this bootleg voucher I got from them on my last vacation! What a sham!!!


Unfortunately, our offices are closed over the weekend RhoRich which is why your call may have gone unanswered but we will gladly verify the lines to ensure they are working correctly. You are also able to reach our team at any time using the alternative numbers on our website or via the email address published on the certificate. If you could send us through a private message, or email to socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com, with the certificate details and your preferred method of contact, we'll have one of our agents reach out to you directly and assist you in using your complimentary gift certificate.


I am initiating a class-action. I need documented evidence that there are no benefits to be a member of TravelSmart.

Compare their offer for vacation (do not forget to include the cost of "SmartPoints", membership fee…) with a quote from a reputable online travel agency.

Print them. It should be the same place, room, date, flight… If you are willing to join the initiating group, send a one page complaint with detailed info, contract number, signed date, name to: scamfighter@***.net


Are you still going forward with this? I would like my money back, almost $15,000.


Scamfighter, As you pursue and ask others who have buyers remorse to supply you with comparable cost details, I think you should remind people that when they look at room pricing, they should be looking at Diamond Club rooms. After reading many complaints I have noticed that many, if not most people, look at the standard Lux Ste without privileges (lower cost) and not the DC Lux Ste. Just a thought.


has a class action suit been initiated? i would like to join


Dear member, We're very concerned to hear that you feel that way about the membership plan purchased. As TravelSmart is a part of the Sunwing Travel Group alongside the resorts that we offer, the rates available to our members that are significantly lower than the market rate.

If you could send us through your membership details to socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com we will gladly have a member of our team contact you directly in order to show you how to use your membership to obtain the best pricing and clear up absolutely any doubts you may have.


This is a carbon copy of TravelSmart reply. There is a paid person there, who writes it all the same on every negative feedback just to make impression that they take care of their customers.


Our offers of assistance are extended to any and all members who may require our help ScamFighter. It is unfortunate that you have declined our many requests for your membership information and any details as to why you have formed such a negative impression of our company as without this information we are unable to help, which ultimately, is our main goal!


I would like assistance how to cancel my contract as I was also lied to. I have had numerous communications with Travelsmart and all I get is the runaround and no resolution.

Travelsmart / Sunwing have no interest in repairing customer relations. They are taking people's life savings under false pretences


Good Morning Paul,

If you could send us through your membership details and further information regarding your complaint to socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com we will gladly look into the situation for you and assist in anyway we can.


Hi ScamFighter - I would like to join your lawsuit. I will send my complaint to you for the class-action suit.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything complaint on this site.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY no discount or benefits for this membership. I am angry at myself that they scammed me into this and lost a few thousand dollars and still having to pay monthly for this BS!


Hi UnHappy Customer, We're very sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with your membership. If you could send us through your member ID to socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com we will gladly clear up any concerns or doubts you may have as to how best to use the membership to be able to fully enjoy the discounts and benefits you have available.

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