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I made a contract on December 26, 2017 while I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic. The company was in Chic Puntaca resort.

I sigged up for US$30,000,  15 year program; and for 50,000 points a year. The salesman told me there would be no extra charges, besides using points. However, what I found on their website is that I have to use my points, in addition to paying extra money - around $1,000 dollars to over $10,000, depending on the quality of rooms and the resorts - which doesn't make sense at all. And there is no saving as they promised me.

I already paid $5,002 as a deposit; including a $510 dollar closing fee. I already sent them an email on December 31 - which is within the five days rescission period on the contract - requesting to cancel the contract. I also opened the dispute with my credit card company. According to the contract, if I want to cancel it, I have to pay 15% of what I've paid; and the closing fee is not refundable.

I don't want to give them even a penny. There are too many negative reviews about this company. I'm sure this company is total scam.

I want there to be no more victims like me. I'd like to know what I should do in order to get this done without having any difficulties.

Product or Service Mentioned: Travelsmart Vip Club Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I am initiating a class-action. I need documented evidence that there are no benefits to be a member of TravelSmart.

Compare their offer for vacation (do not forget to include the cost of "SmartPoints", membership fee…) with a quote from a reputable online travel agency.

Print them. It should be the same place, room, date, flight… If you are willing to join the initiating group, send a one page complaint with detailed info, contract number, signed date, name to: scamfighter@comcast.net

to ScamFighter #1445513

Hey Let me know i can join also....they also got me in Dominican Republic. email me Jzp007@yahoo.com maybe we can get these guys to stop scaming people and get some money back


when you are a member of travel smart

I get 30%of the rate

free diamond club level ammeniites worth 95is per night per person

I get discount un my tours and activities spa .

and 500 cashback in fly .

so i save but I get the vip level and feel diferent than when I went on a package deal no vip at all and got a studio a my package with Apple vacation I'm from Boston I love Royalton

to henry #1414762

You got 30% of the rate? I got too.

TravelSmart offer was: 30,000 points to write off, 909 extra points to buy for $30.91 and to pay "use fee" of $2,842. TS wrote:"The price I gave you as a member was $2.842, this is the value of your membership. Our guaranteed prices are up to 30% lower than the outside Market.” Sounds familiar?

Here is the their trick: you intentionally forget about the cost of SmartPoints and the cost of membership. The real cost is $2,842("use fee") + $1,667(30,000 points) +$30.91(909 extra points) +$275(membership for 2016) + $285(membership for 2017) +$1,148(two-way airfare, the best offer we found; as TS quote offered only the lodging, we ourselves have to buy flights tickets) = $6,248.

This is the real cost! We do not add here unknown two-way Hotel Airport transportation.

The same day we got a quote for the same vacation, same Luxury Junior Suite Ocean View Diamond Club, on the same date, and for the same flight) from Expedia.com for $4,818.

Ts vacation cost is $6,248. Henry, who can trust you?

to ScamFighter #1414787

Also you got $500 cashback? How?

You are from Boston, you say. Sunwig fly from Canada?

Henry, who can trust you?

to henry #1414880

@Henry Why did you write a positive review on the website which is for pissed customers? Something smells fishy...


Stop making the salesman contact with me. All I want to do is to cancel the contract and receive a cancellation confirmation email. I want everything done via email.

to Anonymous #1412932
Travelsmart Vip Club Verified Representative

Good Afternoon Ms. Kim, We apologize if you felt this was inappropriate as our team contacted you in order to assist you with your request and help facilitate the process for you.

Travelsmart Vip Club Verified Representative

Good Morning HelenaKim,

We're very concerned to hear that you have formed such a negative impression of our company without actually using your membership and the benefits associated. We do ask that our members take the time to form their own impressions of the club rather than be led by negative reviews online.

We have over 9000 members currently enjoying their membership and all the savings it offers.

We apologize that you feel the membership was misrepresented by our team. We do understand the membership can be complicated to understand due to the nature of the product.

As TravelSmart is a part of the Sunwing Travel Group we can offer rates to our members that are significantly lower than the market rate for our properties.

We do understand that our membership is not suitable for all people so if you could send us through your member ID to socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com we will have our team follow up on your cancellation request and assist you further.

to TravelSmartVIP #1412410

I just sent an email.

to helenakim0019 #1412414
Travelsmart Vip Club Verified Representative

We just received it and will be answering right away!

to TravelSmartVIP #1412519

Still wating for your answer

to TravelSmartVIP #1412911

Stop making the salesman contact with me. All I want to do is to cancel the contract and receive a cancellation confirmation email. I want everything done via email.

to helenakim0019 #1421684

So what was your outcome HelenaKim?

to soccermom16 #1424745

I'm still waiting for a refund. It has been nearly a month since I asked for the cancellation of my contract. This company is a total fraud.

to soccermom16 #1527922

Did you ever get your refund back HelenaKim?

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