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I would like to cancel my membership. But no one is there to answer my email.

They do not have any contact number for cancellation. Feeling helpless.

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Call Primo Management Group.Of all the timeshare exit companies that i talked to they are the most knowledgeable and committed to help you get out of this shithole.Dont hesitate because the consultation is free and you can call them multiple times to clear things up and you dont have to commit and give your Credit Card information right away like what this Travel Scam did to you and me.....Act now before the charges pile up in your CC again.....

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1291620

To anyone out there considering buying a travelsmart package do not do it. They make you sign contracts for 15,000 and up, and then tell you that when you are ready to book you will have no problems.

You can use yours points, but no one ever mentions that you have to pay for your food and drinks, so you end up having to pay an addition 2000 for food drinks and flight. You may as well book your vacation to any of the resorts online you will get a better deal

to travelsmartdisgust #1291663
Travelsmart Vip Club Verified Representative

Dear Member,

We are sorry to hear that you appear to be confused as to how your membership works. If you could send us through your membership details to We will gladly have a member of our Service Team reach out to you directly and clear up any doubts you may have as well as show you how to fully use the membership benefits to your advantage.


Hi ,

Send email at: and and


You are right. As soon as you want to cancel your contract they stop to answer.

It is useless to send anything to, they will not answer. If you are willing to participate in a joint legal action, please, send a detailed feedback (no longer than 1 page) about the experience with TravelSmart or Sunwing Travel Group, amount of loss and the name to .

to ScamFighter #1288717
Travelsmart Vip Club Verified Representative

Dear ScamFighter,

As we continue to inform you in all of our posts. Unless you either resend us your emails or your membership information we have no way of knowing who you are or how to contact you! As we have previously mentioned, if it is easier for you, you are also able to send us a private message here on the page for further assistance.

We do not currently have any unanswered emails from any members in the socialmedia account so once again if you would like us to assist you, we do have to insist that you send us your information.

to ScamFighter Greenville, North Carolina, United States #1306236

I would like to file suit I will put money down to so it


contact you bank and file a dispute before you are locked in the contract. You can let them know that no one is responding to you. I got all my money refunded through by credit card.

to Anonymous #1389513

How soon after you signed the contract did you file the dispute with the credit card company? We purchased in May of this year so we are 6 months into our contract.

Travelsmart Vip Club Verified Representative

Dear Anonymous, You can access all of our contact information on the membership documentation you received at the time you purchased your membership as well as on our official web page We are sorry if this was not made clear to you at any time.

If you could send us an email to with your membership details and we'll gladly have a member of our team reach out to you directly and assist you further.

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