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Update by user Oct 13, 2016

Oct 12, 2016

Travel Smart,

It has been almost a week since you said you would get back to me. What have you found out why I have not been reimbursed and why I have not heard from anyone about VIP Concierge?

Update by user Oct 13, 2016

Oct 6 2016

From Travel Smart

Hi Xxx

Let me look into the situation right now for you and see what is causing the delay!

Update by user Oct 13, 2016

Oct 6 2016

To Travelsmart,

Since your last email, I was told that I would get my refund of $$$$. That was almost three weeks ago.

I had emailed a follow up email and I never got a phone call nor email to let me know where we stand.

Since you said, "I will be personally following up with them to make sure this is carried out and should there be anything further that I can assist you with at any time please do not hesitate to let me know." things were moving along.

I was promised "VIP Concierge as to having a specialist assigned to you and also sending all your payments made." Well, it has been more than three weeks.

Please follow up with the problem and let me know what is going on.

Update by user Oct 13, 2016

Hello again:

I got this email next day.

On Sep 16, 2016, at 7:02 PM, Acosta, Luis wrote:

Hello Mrs.

It ous the end of our office hours for today and I have my day off tomorrow. I will keep you updated first thing Monday morning regarding the resolution from our VIP Concierge as to having a specialist assigned to you and also sending all your payments made.

Have a great weekend!

Update by user Sep 15, 2016

This what happened when I got a call from Travel Smart.

Hello again - I waited for manager to call me back.

He never does. He must be in a meeting all day!

I get a call from, let's call him Lu at 6:15. I had to explain to him again the situation from the start.

We were on the phone for over twenty minutes. Apparently, Travel Smart was not aware that I paid at the resort. Last time I called, they said the manager was. This shows you that there is a communication problem between Travel Smart and the hotel.

Lu said he will need to investigate and get back with me.

Every time we called for refund, they said they need to investigate and get back to me. But, when they took our money, there was no investigation done.

Hopefully, Lu will call me today to let me know that they will refund our money.

I have spent more time on the phone with Travel Smart then my vacation. It has been very exhausting physically and mentally.!

Advice: when Travel Smart charges your card, it does not show details what you paid for. Make sure to ask for detailed receipt.

Update by user Sep 15, 2016

I have not heard from Travel Smart since I spoke to "Lu" on Tuesday at 6:15 pm. Even though, I requested to speak to the manager on Tuesday, I still have not heard from him.

Original review posted by user Sep 13, 2016

As a family of five, it was very difficult to find vacation that accommodated us and very expensive. Most family packages are for family of 4. Travel Smart guaranteed us Luxury Junior Suite, which was great for our family. So last summer, we joined Travel Smart.

Our first time using our points was this summer. We called to make reservation. The lady we spoke to said there were rooms available and should not be a problem with the reservation. She mentioned that she will get back to us soon. We waited a day or two. Because she said there were rooms, we started looking for ticket and booked flight. We had 24 hours window to cancel the flight. The lady never called back. When we called, I got another person. I had to explain what had happened. They said they would call the hotel and let me know what is going on. They called back and said they didn't have the Suite but have a Luxury room which is smaller. I was fine with it but sent them this email "Is the room Diamond club luxury room? We are Diamond club members. If the problem is just one day, will you be able to move us to the Diamond side the next day?" I get the following email. "The closest availability we have in a Diamond club section is after September 25th 2016." So We decide to upgrade the room for swim out for extra fee.

I wish there their service was as fast as when they took our money.

The most devastating was that every time you called, you get different people. Which means, you have to explain yourself again and again. And depending on who you get, there answer changes. If you ask for the person you spoke to, they say he is helping another customer. And if request for a manager, he is always in a meeting. You are stuck with the person who picked up the phone who had no clue about your situation. It is very frustrating.

After all this trouble, we get to the airport and we couldn't travel. US Airways customer service were very accommodating. They were able to help us move the date and they were even willing to change our return flight.

We called Smart Travel. They said "Since this was through Travel Smart, they are able to let you check in on Tuesday without losing the reservation but they cannot reimburse you for the dates you weren´t able to be there because of what I mentioned before, this is a situation that is out of the resort´s hands. " We were requesting for our money back that we paid for food. We explained to them that we are not there to eat it. So, they do need to refund us back.

Few days later, they said they would refund us for the money we were not going to be there.

Thinking everything is settled, we were very excited about our trip. When we got there, what we got was Luxury Room with small bed just sheets not blanket. The room was not a swim out. We said we were not going to stay in that room and asked to be moved. They said the manager was not in and we had to wait for the next day.

The hotel rep set up an appointment to see the manager for the next day.

What got us so frantic and dismayed was the fact that resort was half empty.

The manager was very polite. After talking to him, he was surprised that we were told there were no rooms. He said that he would move us to a swim out room but need to charge our card. He said that this was as new reservation. He was not going to move us until we paid. So we did. It took more than 24 hours to move us to he swim out room.

We enjoyed the few days that were left and came home. We look for our refund, there was none. Waited a week just to give them enough time. After more than 10 days, we sent an email to the hotel manager, Travel Smart manager hoping we would get quick response. There was none. We sent another email as a follow up. No respond again. Finally, we called today. We asked to speak to the manage. You can guess what we were told. "He is in a meeting." We asked to the person who knew about the refund. Of course "he is with another customer." Again, we were stuck explaining our situation again to this new person. Finally, he said, they had refunded the three days we were not there. Deposit was made yesterday. Mind you, there was no communication to tell us there was a refund made.

The problem was, we got partial refund. The manager should have been aware that we had paid the hotel and that it should be a full refund. I asked for the manager to call me back and that was about 3 hrs ago.

Please run as fast as you can if you are thinking of buying membership from Travel Smart. They will sugar coat their package and promise you paradise. At the end of the day, all they want to do is take your money and give ***.

I will update our experience with Travel Smart after we hear from the manager.

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). user48357951 is overall dissatisfied with Travelsmart Vip Club. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Union, New Jersey, United States #1242128

I am having the same problems, they just cancelled my membership with no letter sent in the mail, or phone call or e-mail. They basically have $3,500 of my money and i have no product.

how can we find a manager that can give us answers! i'm ready to get a lawyer involved!

to Anonymous #1242149
Travelsmart Vip Club Verified Representative

Dear Anonymous,

Under no circumstances would your membership have been cancelled if not requested. Could you please reach out to us directly with more information, including your membership ID, by email at: in order to assist you in resolving this issue.

We look forward to hearing from you

Travelsmart Vip Club Verified Representative

Dear user48357951,

We are extremely concerned to hear about your experience and would very much like the chance to discuss this with you further and assist you in anyway possible. Could you please send us an email with your member details to so we can look into the situation for you. Please accept out sincerest apologies, this is not in keeping with how we treat out members and we will do all we can to resolve any bad impressions caused.

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