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It saddens me to keep reading new reviews from people with the same story as the rest of us. To hear the all inclusive fees have gone up, I want to be angry but honestly not surprised anymore.

This company is a thief and they keep stealing innocent people's hard earned money. We bough our membership 2 years ago and have yet to use it because we can't afford the prices we would have to pay to go. They have no shame in getting you drunk on champagne and then getting you to sign your savings away.

They have no integrity,no morals, it just makes me sick they continue to get away with this illegal behaviour. I wish I had read reviews before we had gone and then we would have steered clear.

Review about: Travelsmart Vip Club Smartpoints Membership.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I’m glad we did not sign anything. The sales guy kept yapping and yapping.

The mimosa they kept bringing was too strong but I do not like champagne, so I put it aside. At some point I just got up and said that your time is up and we want to go to the beach now.

We got the vauchers to the restaurant that otherwise need to pay $150 and that’s it. I’m reading the reviews now and so glad we got out and did not waisted time or money


They will not stop calling me....4 times a day. I would never buy a vacation from anyone at TravelSmart Solutions.

They call from V92216232400075 and 1-800-298-1292. None of their numbers can be called back or reported online because they are not recognized numbers. I have asked to be put on the Do Not Call list and that did not do any good either. I have not given up yet.

If I can ruin them I would love to. It is a scam.

to Joanna #1377499
Travelsmart Vip Club Verified Representative

Good Afternoon Joanna,

We're sorry to hear that you have been bothered by incoming calls however we must clarify that we are not TravelSmart Solutions nor do those numbers correspond to our company and we are not in the business of cold calling to sell vacation packages as we offer a membership that is exclusively for sale at our properties.


It's ok to be a Pissed Consumer at any point in time but be reasonable. You drank, they didn't pour it down your throat.

You signed on the dotted line, they didn't force your hand to do it. You gave them your credit card (money), they didn't take it from you against your will.

You had 5 days to READ YOUR CONTRACT and RESCIND but instead, you waited TWO YEARS change your mind and voice your complaints? Own your actions.

to JerseyGirl16 #1323640

Wow, clearly you must be an employee of theirs or just incredibly opinionated. I never knew his forum existed until I had posted on here and believe me we have been trying for years to get out of this long contract.

And unless you were there when we signed the contract you have no idea how persuasive and persistent they were in getting us to sign it.

Or the Numerous phone calls and emails that have been sent trying to rectify this grievous error of judgment on our part. It's not about taking responsibility it's about making sure others are how aware of how shady this company is so that no other hard working people lose out on their hard earned money to empty promises.

to Anonymous #1324869

Once again, emotions trump logic. My response to the original post IS about taking personal responsibility and dealing with the consequences that come as a result of our decisions.

I think it's incredibly reckless of people to put their trust and financially well-being into the hands of strangers. As a result, the blame game replaces buyer's remorse. Salespeople, great sales people, are incredibly good at selling, that’s their job… but on the flip side, as consumers, it IS our job to be prepared especially when it involves costly purchases and investments. You went into a legal binding contract with a company that you knew nothing about, correct?

You trusted strangers to look out for your best interests, correct? And you willingly forked over thousands of your hard-earned cash, correct? Think about it for a moment before you jump back up on your defensive post. #1 rule when contracts are involved – read before you sign!!!

If you can sit there for hours and reach a point of commitment, you can certainly spend 15 minutes READING what the terms are and what it is you’re buying. Had you, and others done that, all of those empty promises and false claims could have been addressed before you invested and lost ridiculous amounts of money. To make matters worse, you have 5 days by law to rescind. That is ample time to read it at your leisure and research reviews on the Internet.

As you can see, I am a member, not an employee. We spent 6 hours on a beautiful sunny vacation day in the TravelSmart office; 7 hours if I include breakfast. I DO KNOW. But I also know when life throws you lemons (consequences), you better find yourself a great lemonade recipe (making the benefits work) or be prepared to feel the pain (cha-ching).

There is nothing shady or illegal. Heck, every year, on January 1st, people join gyms, commit to monthly membership dues, and never utilize their gym membership after the first month. Maybe more of us should join the other side of the spectrum and be in the business of selling to impulsive, ill-informed, or lazy consumers?!! LOL I'm sorry that my opinion is too strong for you but sincerely, maybe that's why you're in this situation?

Perhaps you should ask to renegotiate at this time? Or suck up your losses and try to sell off the remainder of your membership?

Or, simply learn how to use it and make it work for you. It’s not the greatest investment that we’ve ever made, but it does work if you know how to make it happen.

to JerseyGirl16 #1389503


Can you please elaborate on how "it does work if you know how to make it happen".


We cancelled one day after signing up thanks to the reviews we read. We were still at the resort and went back to their office the next day.

Sat through an additional half hour trying to convince us differently. Told us to come back and we did. Have it in writing they are refunding our full money minus the 15% it stated in the contract. Wait and see as they have 15 days to refund.

It took a little determination but we did it and they complied (hopefully).

I can say that overall, while being persistent, they were not rude with cancellation. Lucky us.


I wish I had seen these posts before I signed! Two days after signing, I decided to rescind.

It has been 2 weeks since my first request to rescind and i have not received a refund or cancelled contract. They want to retain close to $2K.

Has anyone had any luck with rescinding? any advice?

to anonymous Milton, Ontario, Canada #1301572

No we had no idea really what we had gotten ourselves into until much too late. I wish we could have gotten our money back. We spent A LOT OF MONEY, that we will never recoup

to anonymous West Covina, California, United States #1301998

did you contact your credit card to file a dispute? It worked for me. I got all my $ back.

to Anonymous Milton, Ontario, Canada #1302252

No we didn't, but it's been so long now(may 2015)I don't think they could help us. Appreciate your help though.

to Anonymous #1389504

We purchased in May of this year. Do you think it's too late to contact my CC and file a dispute?

to Libi #1389548

Shouldn't you ask your cc company this, I mean, wouldn't they be able to give more accurate info regarding how long after you are able to dispute charges?

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