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Update by user Mar 09, 2018

Since Travel Smart was not able to help me sort out a cancellation, my credit card company got involved and got me a full refund! Case closed!

Update by user Jan 20, 2017

Shortly after writing this review I finally got a hold of someone at Travel Smart about my cancellation. The representative gave me an email address to send over my cancellation and refund letter. So now we will wait and see what happens.....

Original review posted by user Jan 20, 2017

While out in the Dominican Republic, we were lured into attending a 90 minute presentation on how to save money while vacationing. After 3 hours and lots of mimosas and mamajuana shots, we were talked into purchasing a travel smart membership.

It all sounded so great and too good to pass up. Feeling overwhelmed and a bit pressured, my husband and I agreed and joined (only after the representatives kept going back and forth with the negotiations). By the time we signed, my brain was done and I was completely confused. HUGE MISTAKE!

We got back to our room to find tons of complaints about the company. After reading the reviews we felt uncomfortable to be involved with Travel Smart so my husband and I decide it's best to cancel our membership. The next day I tried to contact the same representative that helped us to try and cancel the contract. The number provided on the paperwork WAS NOT the correct phone number.

A couple of days later, I called the hotel where the representative was located and was told the offices were closed. I called again before leaving the Dominican Republic and again was given the same response. Once I got back into the US, I tried calling once again and no answer. I also tried calling Travel Smart and the representative promised a call back.

A week later, I still have not received a call back. I am now out of the 5 day cancellation window, so I called to dispute the charges on my credit card. I'm hoping they could help me. I really wish we didn't meet up with these people.

What should have been a relaxing vacation ended up being a total nightmare. I spent more time on the phone than enjoying my time at the resort. Stinks that they make communication almost impossible. I will NEVER recommend Travel Smart to anyone!

All we want now is a refund.

No services have been rendered from them. So I feel like I should get my money back!

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $9200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Travelsmart Vip Club Cons: Bad customer service, Way they dont care about the customer, Difficulty canceling membership.

Location: Highway Macao Uvero Alto Beach, Punta Cana 23000, Dominican Republic

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I am trying to cancel my membership because my wife and I will no longer use it. I paid all of my loan and know that is lost money.

I talked with them yesterday and said what happens if both my wife and I would die, they (Beatrice) said it would be transferred to our children to pay the yearly fee of $361.

Not paying anymore $$$$. It is a scam


They will basically tell you there is no way to cancel. It's such a scam.

@Tava Yzr

Hi Tava, We're sorry to hear you feel that way. You are more than welcome to cancel your membership as per the cancellation clause in your contract. If you would like further assistance please feel free to reach out to us directly at socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com


Hi l bought this in May 2019. Not able to use it since the pandemic.

Would like to cancel it but l can’t seem to get anyone at Travel smart to assist, they keep saying l signed the contract. My sister tried to use hers last year but it worked out more expensive. So she didn’t bother using it.

Now they have changed the points system is it really worth having? Happy to be part of a class action, my sister would also be interested.

@Stephanie D Wfx

Please feel free to reach out to us directly at socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com for further assistance. We would also be more than happy to clear up any doubts you may have as to the new lower rates and additional benefits now offered as part of the membership.


What benefits? There are no benefits.

I have been with it since 2014, really no benefits that I couldn't do by booking myself. My family found a better resort in Jamaica, not using Travel Smart and paid the same amount of money as using the service


So, it’s now 2020, we have been part of this “club” for over a year, with all intentions of using it until we realized there is no real savings and with this “pandemic” can’t really travel Anyway. Wish we had read reviews !!

Starting the process of cancelling!

Ugh!! Anyone done this recently with success ??

@Dionne Ngc

Hi Dionne, We're sorry to hear you no longer wish to continue with your membership. We are concerned that you have not been able to see the savings as our current accommodation rates are up to 50% off of the public published rates. If you could send us your member details to socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com we will gladly have one of our specialized agents assist you further in clearing up any doubts you may have as to the many benefits you have available to you and how best to use them to your advantage.

@Dionne Ngc

Good luck we are out $30,000 3 years this July and keep getting told changes to the contract nothing we can do about it except spend more money to get the upgrades we signed in our original contract.


Now 2/2/2021 all points Have gone away and you will receive a discount based on your package and point you bought. This is BS and another change in what was promised.

Please respond if wanting to gather a class action lawsuit. I’m sure lots of people would be interested just need the people then we can start the process or at least get some legal advise on next step.


I’m interested in a class action my sis yet would be too!


Hey I’m in the same position you are in please let me know if you plan to move forward with class action!!

@Mansur Rdn

I am interested in joining in on the class action law suit.


We are definitely in for class action lawsuit. Totally scammed as well and can't cancel, still paying on $5900 we can't afford and can't use. Now receiving daily calls to pay the increasing yearly maintenance fees we can't afford...fees for what

@Dionne Ngc

Hi any progress since your last post? We are trying to cancel now with very little success as no answer to emails.


Hi how have you got on with this case


Can somebody give me the email address, because I’m in the same boat and no body respond me back. I need take to make sure I have the right information.


The official email address, as detailed on all membership documentation and websites, is vipconcierge@travelsmartvip.com .All mails sent to this address will receive an automated confirmation email. You can also contact socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com and your correspondence will be forwarded to the corresponding department.


Hi. I called 1 (88*) ***-**** ext 1455 and spoke to Diana Aguirre (hopefully she is still with the company).

After I explained my situation she emailed me and I sent all my information to her and she forwarded it to Travel Smart. Since then I haven’t had any problems. My credit card company was the one who got me a full refund.

I never paid any money to Travel Smart, even after they tried to give me another contract. Good luck!


Hi, I'm just wondering if your credit card refunded your membership fees you've already paid? or was it a trip you paid for and were refunded for that?

I'm just trying to find options to cancel as well, I pay $313/month, and we're unable to travel at this point. And same, after all this confusion of being at this meeting on a resort in 2019, we were confused and thought this was a great idea, then the savings part came in, no savings what so ever, we pay over $3700 a year, with no travel, then have to pay, $5000+ roughly (thats a low price) for our family of 4 to travel, so basically my family trip cost me $8700 plus

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