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Since Travel Smart was not able to help me sort out a cancellation, my credit card company got involved and got me a full refund! Case closed!

Update by user Jan 20, 2017

Shortly after writing this review I finally got a hold of someone at Travel Smart about my cancellation. The representative gave me an email address to send over my cancellation and refund letter. So now we will wait and see what happens.....

Original review posted by user Jan 20, 2017

While out in the Dominican Republic, we were lured into attending a 90 minute presentation on how to save money while vacationing. After 3 hours and lots of mimosas and mamajuana shots, we were talked into purchasing a travel smart membership.

It all sounded so great and too good to pass up. Feeling overwhelmed and a bit pressured, my husband and I agreed and joined (only after the representatives kept going back and forth with the negotiations). By the time we signed, my brain was done and I was completely confused. HUGE MISTAKE!

We got back to our room to find tons of complaints about the company. After reading the reviews we felt uncomfortable to be involved with Travel Smart so my husband and I decide it's best to cancel our membership. The next day I tried to contact the same representative that helped us to try and cancel the contract. The number provided on the paperwork WAS NOT the correct phone number.

A couple of days later, I called the hotel where the representative was located and was told the offices were closed. I called again before leaving the Dominican Republic and again was given the same response. Once I got back into the US, I tried calling once again and no answer. I also tried calling Travel Smart and the representative promised a call back.

A week later, I still have not received a call back. I am now out of the 5 day cancellation window, so I called to dispute the charges on my credit card. I'm hoping they could help me. I really wish we didn't meet up with these people.

What should have been a relaxing vacation ended up being a total nightmare. I spent more time on the phone than enjoying my time at the resort. Stinks that they make communication almost impossible. I will NEVER recommend Travel Smart to anyone!

All we want now is a refund.

No services have been rendered from them. So I feel like I should get my money back!

Product or Service Mentioned: Travelsmart Vip Club Smartpoints Membership.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $9200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Travelsmart Vip Club Cons: Bad customer service, Way they dont care about the customer, Difficulty canceling membership.

Location: Highway Macao Uvero Alto Beach, Punta Cana 23000, Dominican Republic

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@Ramesh Zue

Good Afternoon Ramesh, If there is something we can assist you with regarding your membership please do not hesitate to reach out to us directly at socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com

@Ramesh Zue

I called my credit card company and filed a fraud claim. After they didn’t hear back from Travel Smart about the claim, my case was resolved and I got a full refund!


Travel smart VIP will not contact you back if it is regards to cancelling your membership. I have resorted to seeking legal action against the individuals at the resort in Dominican who work for this company as well as the company itself.

This is not acceptable and my rights were violated in a foreign country - this is not legal. Travelsmart please resolve this today!


Dear Anonymous, As we're sure you can appreciate, unfortunately, we cannot identify our members who post anonymously. We are more than happy to assist if you could reach out to us directly either via private message or by email at socialmedia@travelsmartvip.com and provide us with your membership details.


What legal actions have you taken. I would like to do the same

@Ramesh Zue

I would also like to do the same! What legal actions have you taken


I am trying g to cancel now and they are refusing to do so.


has anyone been able to cancel after the 5 calendar rescission period?"


I did. I called my credit card company and filed a fraud claim.

They resolved it within a couple of months after Travel Smart did not respond to their claim. I got a full refund on my card and have never heard from Travel Smart again.


Thank You..


Will that work even though the Travel Smart documents signed shows that i authorized the down payment and the promissory note shows the monthly payments? We were lied to when the Manager told us we could cancel at anytime only to realize that if not cancelled within the 5 calendar days that we would not get back our deposit and have to continue paying the remaining amount.


It worked for me. I tried calling to cancel during the 5 day while on vacation and never got a response.

By the time I returned back home, it was past the 5 days and I still filed a claim with my cc company. They went ahead and handled the rest.

Give a try. Good luck!


They are the worst . I booked a vacations to Punta Cana but we decided that no longer we wanted to go there so I called them and told them that we would like our money back for the reservations or at least give us some credit for us to book another Royalton but they denied it .I wish I would of have never sign up for this ...

and the people who tried to get you into to it are so good at manipulating people and lying about the membership because none of the things they told us are true ..this is totally a rip off basically steeling ...

Now I can't even cancel this stupid membership I advise more people no to sign for this ... TOTALLY A WASTE OF MONEY AND RIP OFF at it fineness !!!


I'm in the same boat tooo. I need help about the process for cancelation.


What was the email address they gave you? Have you had any additional problems with them?

Did you just stop paying? I've been having issues for over a year, and am out just about the same amount of money as you.

@Catherine L Wkz

Hi. I called 1 (88*) ***-**** ext 1455 and spoke to Diana Aguirre (hopefully she is still with the company).

After I explained my situation she emailed me and I sent all my information to her and she forwarded it to Travel Smart. Since then I haven’t had any problems. My credit card company was the one who got me a full refund.

I never paid any money to Travel Smart, even after they tried to give me another contract. Good luck!

@Catherine L Wkz

Where can I send a cancellation letter I bought 5 months ago can credit card company still help?


We’ve been in the similar situation just recently in Royalton Bavaro Dominic Republic. Why similar?

Because my suggestion would be to everybody - DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING INTIL YOU HAVE A FULL INDERSTANDING ABOUT THE COMPANY, WHO THEY ARE, HOW LONF THEY ARE ON TRAVEL MARKET AND DEFINITELLY READ THE REVIEWS FROM DIFFERENT SOURCES!!!! Otherwise you will end up as may people here. I’m feel sorry for everybody suffered from Travel Smart but you all adults and have to understand you shouldn’t sign any deals or contracts under influence of alcohol etc. We even been offered a free of charge 2 weeks family holidays in Mexico if we sign the contract.

When I’ve suggested I will come back to them next day, they rejected my offer and said the decision must be done today or never. With a smile on my face I simply replied “thank you but maybe in next life when I’ll be so naive as you wish”.......

Thanks everybody for reading this. Fight till the end to get you money back!


Yes I totally agree, we must not be influenced into signing anything unless we fully understand it. This was my first time experiencing something like this, and believe me, I learned my lesson!

I’ve been on many trips since then and now I always say no to the people trying to lure me into a meeting. Thanks for your advice, I hope others will read it too.


Does anyone have the email address for TravelSmart to cancel membership

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