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What happened is that two senior citizens were battered and beaten with a non ending sales pitch by two American sales people working for VIP at Tres Rios on the Mexican Riviera. Like a lot of others on our first visit to Playa del Carmin we were taken in at the airport when all we wanted was some directions.

We were picked up at our little hotel and taken to Tres Rios for and unbelievable sales pitch by someone called Darcy. It felt like we were being beaten with a baseball bat and no matter how many times we said no it went on and on until my anger started to show. Then were were shuffled off to a guy named Mark who cut the price by 2/3 and played good cop to her bad one. We finally came to the conclusion the only way out of the gilded prison was to pay.

We couldn't afford it and didn't want it but paid up anyway. When we tried to use the membership we got the run around. VIP had the right of first refusal on a buy back which of course they used and the 2nd and the 3rd, etc. What a rip off.

What a scam. The Mexican government should force they to pay back plus interest.

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Do complain to Mexican consulate, fraud department in federal investigation, go to public news.It is a world wide scam, people need to be aware!

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