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Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with settlement agreement.

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My husband and I travelled to the Royalton Punta Cana last August to which we were bombarded by your team to join us for breakfast and lunch to get to know us then bring us to a meeting which was not clear, feeding us will alcohol and I spent most of the time trying to chase round my 1 year old daughter who would not sit still.

We went ahead after continual pressure, negotiating and going back and forth about the membership and cost. My husband and I were still unsure and one of the sales representatives asked if we know TUI as they work alongside TUI as a reputable company, this made us more comfortable to go with TSV.

They also told us we could have a free holiday choose any country in the world and RCI would cover the accommodation fees and we would sort the flights. When looking into this after there are so many additional fees to pay (as RCI are actually not part of travel smart vip) Its only on select hotels which when you check them out they're generally 3* and lower.

After great discussion and going back and forth with their books, explanations and after liters of spirits, the laughing and joking they moved quite swiftly to sign the paperwork. We only had a few days left in the resort if we required cancellation which was not enough time for us while we were there, as everyday we were out on excursions trying to enjoy our holiday so didn't really consider checking TSV out in greater detail.

Since returning home I have gone back and forth with TSV about offers, RCI bookings, what we were told and the status on how they are managing things in the current climate. To my astonishment a lot of things were not so.

You do not work alongside Tui, we were told we could accelerate our years if we do not use them a year behind and a year ahead which is now incorrect. We also now have to pay an additional fee to RCi which wasn't fully made clear. You do not offer assistance on flights from the UK.

Due to the current climate I made contact with Raquel the Spanish representative to discuss cancellation months back, the response is slow, and she did not seem to be able to answer some of my questions. I wanted to liaise with a person in position of power and im still waiting.

We have paid a monthly fee from August until now with the additional transaction fee and not rendered any services from TSV and covered the cost of any gift we received (which was just an old Huawei tablet) but there are a lot of gray areas and false advertisement that was made.

We were also supposedly given vouchers to stay in one of their resorts with our free and bonus weeks and just having to sort out our flights, but they demand the all inclusive resort fee which is the cost of the whole holiday through other reputable providers. Taking advantage of holiday makers filling them with alcohol and distracting me with my child was unacceptable. Therefore we wish to cancel!!!

I note in the contract it states if you miss payments over a period of time they can cancel your membership but if you fail to pay they want to summons you for the money.

Does this apply even if you have not used their facilities, and quite frankly the people that have, have complained that they didn't get what was sold to them.

I certainly would not and will not be recommending travelsmart vip and will be visiting a number of platform to make this clear so further travellers do not get caught up in this unlawful trap.

See my image with the fancy folder they give you with all the documents, clauses and paperwork your meant to understand within 5 days while your suppose to be enjoying your holiday. Its just unacceptable.

User's recommendation: Stay away from them or just politely decline and dont feel pressured as we did.

Product or Service Mentioned: Travelsmart Vip Club Vacation Ownership.

Monetary Loss: $3700.

Preferred solution: Cancellation and refund for money outside of covering fees. We paid approx £300 per month .

Travelsmart Vip Club Pros: Beautiful resort, Friendly staff.

Travelsmart Vip Club Cons: Lies lies lies, Not clear slight smoke screen and distractions, Unreasonable contract even if you do not use facilities, Illegal contract.

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Good Morning Afreka, Whilst we're not at liberty to discuss individual cases publicly online, we are very concerned to read your allegations as you had previously informed our team that you wished to cancel your membership for personal reasons. We would like to clarify and address some of the comments made within your post.

We understand the commitment involved with becoming a vacation club member and it was in no way our intention for you to feel that signing up and purchasing a plan was obligatory. You are more than welcome to turn down the offers presented by our sales team should you feel that they are not appropriate for you. Our waiters, like the waiters from the resort public areas, are instructed to serve our guests as they please as following guests desires is our daily objective. We invite you to visit the Sunwing Travel Group website to verify our relationship with Tui and also visit the RCI website which has over 100,000 options different options from Condos to 5-star accommodation available to members across the world.

We are concerned by the image shared alongside this review as we understand from your previous comments that you had received a smart tablet at the moment of purchase which contained all of the membership documentation and guides needed to fully understand all the benefits involved.

We understand that you are currently in contact with our service team, please rest assured that we will share your comments with the agent assisting you so that they can be addressed accordingly. Should there be anything further that we can help you with please do not hesitate to let us know.


Well travel smart you addressed me with my name (which is personal) and how ironic you respond to this post but do not respond to my emails. My review was sent directly TSV for you to read.

After lots of research and legal advice we have now identified your head office and will be considering filing a case against you. I note that we wished to stop due to personal circumstances of being unable to afford to pay something so despicable and again please note the current climate, people already loosing and lost jobs and family. You have broken our confidence! My current situation still does not change a view we have among others too and its just so weird how everyone is saying the same thing.

If you do have any respect TSV will contact me accordingly. I note no allegations were made in my post I merely stated our experience and our view on it. It unethical, unlawful and the more people that identify this, TSV will have more and more problems. Once again we've paid £2,326 deposit plus £69.56 transaction fee and £240 per month since last August with the additional £4 transaction fee every month.

That approx £5000 of our money you have had for nothing.

Now id appreciate if your assistant Israel or Racquel or someone with power or ability to answer my questions, contacted me. Thanks

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